Types of programs

Kindergarten Najdihojca offers daily programs up to 9 hours. We enroll children from the age of 11 months until the primary school age – 6 years old. Depending on the children’s developmental characteristics, there are two main age groups:

  • 1 to 3 years old and
  • 3 to 6 years old.

Children can be grouped in homogeneous, heterogeneous or mixed age classes, depending on their needs and conditions in the kindergarten. Homogeneous classes include children of the same age (within the span of one year). Heterogeneous classes include children from the first or the second age group. Mixed classes include children of both age groups. The daily program provides safe and healthy activities which stimulate the children’s potential. Emphasis is also put on creating an emotionally warm environment so that the children feel happy and loved in the nursery.

Kindergarten Najdihojca also provides programs for children with special needs according to National Curriculum for Preschools:

  • Programs for children with special needs in regular groups with special education support;
  • Special kindergarten program which in held in two groups for children with moderate and severe disabilities.

Every-day activities:

  • Arrival and greeting time. Free play in small groups;
  • Breakfast;
  • Planned program of activities. The preschool in fully equipped with a selection of play and teaching materials for both indoor and outdoor play (art, drama play, unit blocks, manipulatives, language materials, arts, books, music, computers, water and sand play, running, climbing, a variety of large and small motor activities…);
  • Fruit snack;
  • Outdoor activities (playing on playground, going for walks);
  • Lunch;
  • Rest and quiet time, individual activities;
  • Afternoon snack;
  • Going home.


The Curriculum of Vrtec Najdihojca is based on the Curriculum for

The Curriculum of Vrtec Najdihojca is based on the Curriculum for Preschool Institutions, which was approved in March 1999 by the Council of Experts of the Republic of Slovenia for General Education.

The Curriculum covers the following areas: movement, language, art, nature, society and mathematics. Preschool teachers plan, organize and structure the Curriculum which is based upon practical activities and interests of each individual child. Our Curriculum is based on the premises that children will learn through play. It is also designed to help children develop independence, play well with other children, and enjoy sustained relationships with adults outside the family. We encourage children’s creativity and curiosity, help them learn to follow certain routines while remaining spontaneous, and develop their ability to think autonomous.

Throughout the year we aim to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of the children in all the curricular areas by first drawing on their interest and then extending them by providing a variety of structured and stimulating learning experiences. Themes are chosen by preschool teachers and assistants, in association with the children and their families. We also build on foundations previously laid down by the parents and continue to work in partnership with them.



We believe that well balanced diet is just as important as child’s feeling of acceptance and security. Well balanced diet is one of the most important factors for child’s development. We pay a lot of attention to preparing well balanced, fresh, healty meals which include all of the mail groups of food. Three or four meals are provided in the course of the day (breakfast, lunch, fruit snack and afternoon snack), according to children’s age. Throughout the whole day, children are offered drinks (water, tea without sugar or drinks with low sugar content. We also prepare diet meals for children health problems (celiakia, lactosis intoleran-ce, peanut allergy...). We are the only public kindergarten that prepares lacto ovo vegetarian meals for children in four groups. Special attention is provided on developing healthy eating habits.

Health prevention in our kindergarten is carried out in accordance with the regulations for the prevention of infectious diseases. We provide a clean, healthy and safe environment for children and encourage them to learn to take care of their own health.